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Alien and Sedition Acts Essay Example

Alien and Sedition Acts Essay Example Alien and Sedition Acts Essay Alien and Sedition Acts Essay Government 22 October 2012 Alien and Sedition Acts In 1798 the United States was involved in an undeclared war with France. â€Å"The United States again stood on the brink of war with a major European power, only this time instead of Great Britain the hostile nation was France. †(Hay 141) Later on the Federalist Party passed a series of four laws which were called the Alien and Sedition Acts and the Federalists saw foreigners as a deep threat to American security. There were a series of four acts that were adopted to alienate aliens. The first of these acts was the Naturalization Act which was passed by Congress on June 18. This act required that aliens be residents for 14 years instead of 5 years before they become eligible for United States citizenship. The second major act was the Alien Act which authorized the President to deport aliens who were dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States during peacetime. Furthermore the third act was the Alien Enemies Act which allowed wartime arrest, imprisonment and deportation of any alien from an enemy power. The last of these acts was the Sedition Act which consisted of, if there was any treasonable activity, including publication of any false or scandalous writing was wrong and punishable by fine or imprisonment. These acts helped to assist the governments sense of security for the United States. Although the government accepted the acts, people like James Madison were against for what the acts stood for. To protest the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions were written to show that the acts were unconstitutional in the since that any acts of Congress that were not authorized by the Constitution and violated on the reserved powers of the states. Stating that the federal government can’t create new powers for itself and it must be approved by the states of the people. The second major act that was approved was the Alien Act and it’s stated in Section 1, â€Å"That whenever there shall be a declared war between the United States and any foreign nation or government, or any invasion or predatory ncursion shall be perpetrated, attempted, or threatened against the territory of the United States, by any foreign nation or government, and the President of the United States shall make public proclamation of the event, all natives, citizens, denizens, or subjects of the hostile nation or government, being males of the age of fourteen years and upwards, wh o shall be within the United States, and not actually naturalized, shall be liable to be apprehended, restrained, secured and removed, as alien enemies. And the President of the United States shall be, and he is hereby authorized, in any event, as aforesaid, by his proclamation thereof, or other public act, to direct the conduct to be observed, on the part of the United States, towards the aliens who shall become liable, as aforesaid; the manner and degree of the restraint to which they shall be subject, and in what cases, and upon what security their residence shall be permitted, and to provide for the removal of those, who, not being permitted to reside within the United States, shall refuse or neglect to depart there from; and to establish any other regulations which shall be found necessary in the premises and for the public safety: Provided, that aliens resident within the United States, who shall become liable as enemies, in the manner aforesaid, and who shall not be chargeable with actual hostility, or other crime against the public safety, shall be allowed, for the recovery, disposal, and removal of their goods and effects, and for their departure, the full time which is, or shall be stipulated by any treaty, where any shall have been between the United States, and the hostile nation or government, of which they shall be natives, citizens, denizens or subjects: and where no such treaty shall have existed, the President of the United States may ascertain and declare such reasonable time as may be consistent with the public safety, and according to the dictates of humanity and national hospitality (Finkelman 368). The act stated that in time of war, the President of the United States has the right to take action against any person who was a citizen of the country the United States was at war with. The President was given the power to act against the citizens of that country who were at war with the United States, as long as the person was a male, not a citizen of the United States, and at least fourteen years old. The Sedition Act was approved by Congress on July 14, 1798. It differed from the Alien Act; the Alien Act affected all United States citizens and not only the aliens. The Alien Act was also clearer that if a person is being convicted of any crime against the United States. Furthermore, the Sedition Act was designed to protect the Federalist and the President from â€Å"false† and â€Å"malicious† statements with the power of speaking. It didn’t protect the Vice President Thomas Jefferson or the Republicans. The act stated in Section 1 of the Sedition Act, â€Å"to impede the operation of any law of the United States, or to intimidate or prevent any person holding a place or office in or under the government of the United States, from undertaking, performing or executing his trust or duty, and if any person or persons, with intent as aforesaid, shall counsel, advise or attempt to procure any insurrection, riot, unlawful assembly, or combination, whether such conspiracy, threatening, counsel, advice, or attempt shall have the proposed effect or not, he or they shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, and on conviction, before any court of the United States(Finkelman 369). Furthermore in Section 2 of the Sedition Act states, â€Å"And be it farther enacted, That if any person shall write, print, utter or publish, or shall cause or procure to be written, printed, uttered or published, or shall knowingly and willingly assist or aid in writing, printing, uttering or publishing any false, scandalous and malicious writing or writings against the government of the United States, or either house of the Congress of the United States, or the President of the United States†¦. then such person, being thereof convicted before any court of the United States having jurisdiction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars, and by imprisonment not exceeding two years† (Finkelman 369). The Federalist Party used the Sedition Act to prosecute Jefferson supporters, journalists, congressman, and other critics of the Federalist Party. The act clearly states that any treason towards the United States will not be tolerated, and the person responsible for the crime will be punished. In addition, Section 2 of the Sedition Act states anything written or negatively published material that is intended towards the United States is a crime, fined, and will be punished by the court. An example of a violation of the Sedition Act was a Matthew Lyon who was a Representative of Vermont. His letter criticized President Adam; â€Å"unbounded thirst for ridiculous pomp, foolish adulation, and self avarice† (â€Å"Sedition Act Trials†) which caused Matthew Lyon to be imprisoned. The Federalists sent Mr. Lyon to prison for his opinions and was later reelected by his constituents for Congress while he was still currently still in prison. If then freedom of speech, means in the Constitution, the privilege of speaking any thing without controul, the words freedom of press, which form a part of the privilege of printing an y thing without controul. † (Hay 143) Matthew Lyon was accused of speaking without control through the press. It clearly violates the first amendment in infringing on the freedom of the press and abridging the freedom of speech. Many followed and argued that it violated the Bill of Rights prohibition against laws â€Å"abridging freedom of speech or of press†. In Section 3 of the Sedition Act, â€Å"That if any person shall be prosecuted under this act, for the writing or publishing any libel aforesaid, it shall be lawful for the dependant, upon the trial of the cause, to give in evidence in his defense, the truth of the matter contained in Republication charged as a libel. And the jury, who shall try the cause, shall have a right to determine the law and the fact, under the direction of the court, as in other cases. (Finkelman 369) This section states the courts roll in providing the guidelines of a fair trial or investigation. The Sedition Act was a product of the governments fear of the situation the United States was in. The government needed to protect the United States from inside the Nation while they were still at war with France. The Sedition Act was very influential because it restricted the First Amendment right to criticize the President and Congress and criticism of government policy and government officials. Obviously the Sedition Act was clearly violating the individual protections and freedom of speech under the first amendment of the Constitution. The Alien and Sedition Acts were not a complete success with the United States as a whole. It had sparked the first extensive debate in American History on the meaning of the First Amendment and of freedom of speech and press. Thomas Jefferson called the Alien and Sedition Acts â€Å"an experiment on the American mind to see how far it will bear all avowed violation of the Constitution. † Thomas Jefferson and James Madison helped draft the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions which both protested the acts through the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. That the General Assembly of Virginia, doth unequivocally express a firm resolution to maintain and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of this State, against every aggression either foreign or domestic, and that they will support the government of the United States in all measures warranted by the former. That this assembly most solemnly declares a warm attachment to the Union of the States, to maintain which it pledges all its powers; and that for this end, it is their duty to watch over and oppose every infraction of those principles which constitute the only basis of that Union, because a faithful observance of them, can alone secure its existence and the public happiness†¦ (Encyclopedia of American History Documents 454) The Virginia Resolution used the idea of â€Å"interposition† by the states. Resolution stated that when the government acts beyond their limits of the Constitution, the states have the rights to take action and appeal it. The first Kentucky Resolution, which was passed by the state legislatures in November of 1798, stating that the federal government had no right to exercise powers not specifically delegated to it. If the federal government took on such powers, its acts could be declared unconstitutional by the states. Passed by the Senate, Virginia sent their resolution in December of 1798. The Virginia Resolution was carefully written document stating Virginias difference with addition of the Alien and Sedition Acts that they are unconstitutional and clearly Virginia did not support either of the two acts. One year later Kentucky sent their second resolution protesting the Alien and Sedition Act. Approved by the Senate in December of 1799, Kentucky stated, The representatives of the good people of this commonwealth in general assembly convened, having maturely considered the answers of sundry states in the Union, to their resolutions passed at the last session, respecting certain unconstitutional laws of Congress, commonly called the alien and sedition laws, would be faithless indeed to themselves, and to those they represent, were they silently to acquiesce in principles and doctrines attempted to be maintained in all those answers, that of Virginia only excepted. To again enter the field of argument and attempt more fully or forcibly to expose the unconstitutionality of those obnoxious laws, would, it is apprehended be as unnecessary as unavailing. We cannot however but lament, that in the discussion of those interesting subjects, by sundry of the legislatures of our sister states, unfounded suggestions, and unhanded insinuations, derogatory of the true character and principles of the good people of this commonwealth, have been substituted in place of fair reasoning and sound argument. Our opinions of those alarming measures of the general government, together with our reasons for those opinions, were detailed with decency and with temper, and submitted to the discussion and judgment of our fellow citizens throughout the Union. Whether the decency and temper have been observed in the answers of most of those states that have denied or attempted to obviate the great truths contained in those resolutions, we have now only to submit to a candid world. Faithful to the true principles of the federal union, unconscious of any designs to disturb the harmony of that Union, and anxious only to escape the fangs of despotism, the good people of this commonwealth are regardless of censure or calumniation†¦ (Encyclopedia of American History Documents 457) The Kentucky Resolution claims the right of nullification, that nullification was described as an action to be taken by several states that formed the Constitution. The Kentucky document was a follow up to the Virginia document; Virginia joined Kentucky in the protest of the Alien and Sedition Acts. The Kentucky Resolution served as a more serious protest against the acts, as the Virginia Resolution served the purpose of showing the government that the public did not agree with the acts. The acts were unaffected by the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions and the acts were still enforced. A modern day example of the Alien and Sedition Acts would be after September 11, 2001. The government used the acts to contain possible foreign criminals or men thought to be a part of the terrorist group that committed the crime. The acts were used when the United States held the men from the Boston hotel on suspicion that they were a part of the tragedy. After the two men were arrested and contained by the F. B. I. , they were given a fair trial and found guilty by the evidence against them. In the events that followed the terrorist act the government had to take fast action in bringing the culprits to justice; the Alien and Sedition Acts played a part in helping the government of the United States reach some of their objectives. Even till this day people criticize or assume foreigners such as Middle-Eastern people as a threat to society especially in terms of them being in the United States. People cringe when they see Middle-Eastern people. I know I do. You just don’t know if they have a bomb or a weapon on them and it scares you. Ever since 9/11, people worry about getting on planes with Middle-Easterners or even being near them makes you cringe and become scared because you don’t want that incident to happen to you or to the society. It’s scary to think about, but to the extremes that the Alien and Sedition Acts were enforced is beyond severe. But, if you feel as though there is an eminent threat to your country or to people it is your job or priority to take action. If the person is a possible foreign criminal or thought to be in a terrorist group based on suspicion, etc. Give them a fair trial and if they’re guilty or not guilty at least you were being aware and trying to make this country a safer place to live. This was a very controversial debate during the time of John Adams presidency and the Federalist Party. In my opinion the Alien and Sedition Acts are abridging the freedom of speech. These were radical decisions that were made by John Adams and were very harshly enforced on the aliens. The Alien and Sedition Acts were a threat to foreigners coming into the United States and stood no chance of staying in the nation for long with these acts being enforced, which is both malicious and lack apathy on immigrants. Even with the Alien and Sedition Acts being appealed we still have certain requirements for foreigners moving into the United States and we as a nation still have suspicion and still express a since of the Alien and Sedition Acts of foreigners after the devastation on 9/11. Bender, David. et al. Opposing Viewpoints: In American History. Vol. 1. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1996. Print. Finkelman, Paul. et al. Milestone Documents In American History. Vol. 1. Dallas: Schlager-Custom, 2008. Print. Hay, George. â€Å"The Sedition Act Violates the Bill of Rights. † 1799. Bender. 141-144. Print. 5th United States Congress. Alien and Sedition Acts. Philadelphia: John Adams, 1798. Print. Rosenfeld, Susan. Encyclopedia of American Historical Documents. Vol. 1. New York: Facts On File, Inc. 2004. Print. Sedition Act Trials. American Eras. Vol. 4: Development of a Nation, 1783-1815. Detroit: Gale, 1997. 267-270. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 14 Oct. 2012.

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Essay title Even young children can be involved in decision making in

Title Even young children can be involved in decision making in the family and in schools. Use the course materials to illustrate how children can be involved and also why involvement might be difficult - Essay Example Parents who are aware of these issues can begin to interact with their babies from the start. When a child is older, especially when they get to preschool or school age, it is important to begin the process of their decision making by allowing them to make decisions of what they want to wear or about a particular toy they want to use in their play. Another very important aspect of involving children into the decision making process is to help them form secure attachments when they are very young. Secure attachments make a child fell loved and help them to understand that they can talk about anything they need to talk about with a parent. Establishing this type of opportunity when children are young will give them another opportunity to find their place in the family. Decisions making for many things are easy for a parent to involve their child in, but when it comes to something like bedtime the child may not have much of a choice. According to the text book, there are many ways that a parent can work with a child who does not want to go to bed at a certain time. The challenge for parents is that sometimes they are working to get a child to conform to their wishes and the child has no reason to do so. A parent may decide that the child has several options for bedtime that are around the same time. They can then allow the child to pick one of those bedtimes and the child will think they have made their own choice. One of the challenges when a child does not conform or do what a parent says is that the parent may want to use corporal punishment (spanking) for the child. According to the text, this is never a good idea because children can bully other children with hitting, a child is taught to repress strong emotions, smacking can often make defian t or uncooperative behaviour worse and children can become angry and resentful which can change their attitude towards their family members (69). Instead of smacking, many parents use time outs for children and

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Response to James Baldwin Artical Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Response to James Baldwin Artical - Essay Example The article also analyses the pattern of how persons from England speak to how individuals born in America communicate and finally how various races such as blacks do (Baldwin, 2). He adds that language is the vivid key to identity and when it misses you have nothing. The article also looks at how language ranges from region to another. Furthermore, article written by James Baldwin highlights how some words and phrases were transferred from the Black English into White English after their meanings were altered a little bit. Baldwin uses various examples such as â€Å"Jazz† and â€Å"sock it to me.† Finally, Baldwin states that the language portrays the private identity of the speaker; by the way one use the language, they reveal information about their parents, their school, their salary, their self-esteem and probably future. Baldwin makes a good argument in his article and applies a lot of logic to support what he claims. Language spoken by our societies brings people together. People develop a sense of belonging, and they leave the side by side. The same language may also be used to divide the same society. As the writer says â€Å"It goes without saying, that language by itself is also a political instrument, means, and proof of power.† This quote is essential as it adds to our understanding of language variations and issues of social justice since language is power. In addition, language is a â€Å"political instrument† and controlling language in a way gives people power. Language is a great instrument for societal growth and development. Moreover, language is the vivid key to identity and when it lacks one has nothing because it varies with geographical distance. Most importantly the analysis of this specific quote points to the fact that if an individual has good communication widely ranging worldwide then that individual has a grand power.

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Hedging Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hedging Strategies - Essay Example These payments must be made in Euros and hence, Virtual Books is exposed to potential exchange rate risk on these transactions. In order to mitigate and hedge this exchange rate risk, Virtual Books has various alternatives to eliminate this risk. The first alternative is that of Forward Contracts. A forward contract is an agreement between two parties to buy/sell a specified asset at a forward price at a specified date. Forward Contracts are just a commitment to deliver/take delivery of the said asset and at the time of agreement, there is no exchange. Hence the cost of entering into a forward contract is nothing. Other advantages of a forward contract include customization for the customer, and OTC trade. The major drawback is that this contract is an obligation which must be honored. In case it is not honored, the customer can go for or be taken to litigation. In the case of Virtual books, it can enter into a forward agreement with its bank to buy euros at a predetermined forward p rice. By doing so, they can eliminate the potential risk involved in taking a price on the day of the payment. There will obviously be an opportunity cost involved. Assuming that the market is above the forward price on the day of taking up the contract, the customer will be losing out on a potential gain.

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Reflection On A Clinical Skill During Clinical Placement Nursing Essay

Reflection On A Clinical Skill During Clinical Placement Nursing Essay Sociopsychology: This essay will discuss Reflection on a clinical Skill during the clinical placement, using Gibbs template. The essay is divided into four main sections. It will first consider some definition of psychology and sociology; it will then go on to describe an incident from both psychological and sociological point of view. The third part will explain how to find solution for both incident, and then some conclusions will be drawn to show the best things should be done. Finally it is my reflection on clinical placement. Psychology is how patient feel, Psychology tends to emphasis the individual in contents, and it is not about how they think. Sociology is to do with relationships, which operate between people when they get together in groups. Sociology looks at how an individual operates from the contextual point of view. Class, ethnicity, religion, sex, disabilithy, age these kinds of things are sociology, and anxiety, stress, depression are psychology. The first Gibbs is about an old lady who was waiting for her x-ray in the room. She was lying on the table, and she was crying as a child. It has been explained already her situation and the psychology point of view of this patient and how factors like being in pain and stress or anxiety might affect her. So interpersonal and good communication skill would help this patient and also would help the radiographer to be more professional and the patient may accept their advice because patient belief that the healthcares are professional and competence and they have ability to treat them. The patient was suffering from the physical and emotional stress, and it is necessary to know what the stress is and how its impact on patient. Stress is unclear response of the body to any demand further on, and can have physically or psychologically effect. Stressors are the situations that can cause stress. Physical symptom of stress can faster heart beat, increasing sweating, dry mouth, tense muscle, diarrhoea, irritability and anxiety. Anxiety is the result of being emotionally stressed. (Edward 2006) Everybody experience stress in their life, but individuals are different and material circumstances are different. Therefore it is important to reduce stress from the patient, and it is our job as a radiographer to have a good communication with her, by using SOLER.try to sit squarely and with open position, lean forward and have nice eye contact with her and then relax (Egan, 2002).speak nice and clear, but not too slowly, and dont inflate the movement of your leap, Use natural facial expressions and gestures and do not to turn your face away from a deaf person.55 per cent of communication is body language (Mehrabian ,1970). In this case we need to use different way of communication, because she had a little bit difficulty with hearing, so get patient attention before starting to speak. Make sure the patient can see your face and watch your lip movement and facial expressions. Speak more slowly and keep your tones of your voice low, because older people tend to have more difficulty hearing high-pinched sounds. Older patient need more time to understand and respond. Be patient and ask them to repeat instruction. Explain the procedure for her, so she would be able to understand what is going on. It is good to put your hand on her arms, so you will show your empathy and how friendly you are. It can be calm patient down. Be familiar with patientsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ emotions. She had not been given enough information to know why she is there, if she had, she could not been so worried. Explain clearly so that she would be able to understand you, and give her right instruction. According to psychologists for the patient suffering from psychological and sociological problem, there are many factors that determine our behaviour such as the genes we are born with, physiological brain, nervous system. Cognitive system, thoughts, perception. The social and cultural environments in which we develop over time. Life experiences including those from childhood and personal differences including our IQ personality and mental health. Being alone would be one of the factors that may transmit to getting old and hopelessness. As we getting old, there tends to be a decrease in mobility and social relations, with a likely for loneliness and isolation. (Oxman et al. 1992). And now we are going to find sociological factors which might be affect her, including the psychology factors. We will consider her in terms of age, race, sex and disability. It is easy for women to be emotionally open. We can help sensible stress by change coping style and recognise it. Women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with mental illness; also they have poorer psychosocial health and use more psychotropic drugs for anxiety and depression than men. (moodle site) Psychology is essential for health care professional because it enable the radiography to understand and care after the patient more holistically.According to this, the old lady`s brain is not functioning well because she is getting older or she has other mental problem therefore she was acting like a child scaring and fearful. So, being old, her age, sex disability causes her to be anxious. The good communicate with her and make her assure that there is nothing to worry about it, could reduce her fear and anxious. The second Gibbs is about young lady, who had x-ray of her abdomen, but her husband was not happy to do her x-ray alone. They were from different country and different religion and culture. Her husband must stay outside the room, preferably in a waiting area; this is because of radiation safety. Also it allows the stuff to proceed without any interruption from family members. Dealing with family was difficult. Sometimes may need a family member to stay with patient. In this case it was better for husband to stay outside, because he had a kid with him, but he insists to be with her. Before doing any radiographic procedure is necessary to informed consent from patient .In these situations should given a clear explanation to them before the procedure. It would be because of their culture or might be having another reason. Naturally people as go into the hospital, they will experience some kind of stress. Anxiety can cause some individuals to be quiet aggressive when they will be asked i n emergency situation. They as you would expect experience fear and anxiety. In general Refugeesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ health-related behaviour and how they communicate with health professionals will be influenced by their culture and beliefs. To be able to perform an accurate consideration and offer knowledgeable and sensitive care, the health care professional must think the patientà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s religious and philosophy, as well as cultural background. Also to make them sure of what happens in x-ray room, explain the procedure to them, If we consider psychology views, both patient and her husband might be suffer from different type of depression, or stressed. In one hand, because the husband behaviour showed there is something that is afraid about it. Her husband was worried, angry and emotionally stressed, and in other hand may be they did not like doing their x-ray with male radiographer, because of their culture, and they might have personal or religious reason for not doing it alone. Generally we all have different way of engaging with different patient as a radiographer. Everybody has its value, expectation and beliefs. When individual entre a new country and new community they face many challenges in terms of adjusting to a new language, different customs and unfamiliar norms. These challenges may result in mental or general health problems. There is quite a lot of risk factor that put ethnic minority to suffer from mental illnesses. Generally in compare of general public, the health of people from ethnic minority is worse. Although there are some exeption. For the reason of many factors which affect their health. Lack of English, under or unemployment, being away from family, cultural differences and lack of social support, put people toward depression. (Journal of immigrant and minority health, New York: Feb. 2010, iss.1, pg.100) So again you need to have good communication with them. But In this case, may be eye contact is not welcomed, because they were Muslim, and in their culture direct eye contact is supposed as being impolite or bad-mannered, particularly between the old people. In Asian and Muslim culture hand gestures and eye contact should be avoided. Occasionally between Muslims people husband may be respond the question telling their wives. In addition in their culture, silence possibly will show accepting or authorization. So it is very important to have knowledge of other culture, when dealing with patient. (Ruth Ann Ehrlich, Joan A. Daly 2009) Therefore you need to introduce yourself to the patient. First impression you put on patient is very important , Give explanation clearly, be a good listener, be familiar with patientà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s emotions, control your personal emotions by developing better cultural competency ,and have familiarity with beliefs and practices of diverse groups, But it is very important to avoid stereotyping. Also it is very important to let them understand the LMP checked. For Certain radiographic procedure it needs to check LMP (last menstrual period). It is necessary to have fully understood the procedure and its risk and benefit, so that you can explain to the patient and answer their questions. The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations IE (ME) R states that, every females of childbearing ability age must have their pregnancy status recognized if the abdominal area is region of interest in radiographic examination. Where suitable, the pregnancy and breast feeding status of a fema le patient must be established. From knees up to below the diaphragm is abdominal region for radiographic purposes. (Ball J, Moor A, Turner s, 2008). After check the LMP and when you are sure that she is not pregnant, give the patient instruction to have her x-ray. And ask for female radiographer for her to do her x-ray. And help put her husband lead gown or ask them to stay behind the screen, so that they will be protected against radiation. Additionally, an interpreter may be required, to help them get their job done. As a result, I should communicate more effectively and without any hesitant for both patient. Give them clear instruction and get help from radiographer staff. To know how to deal with patient in appropriate way, it is important to recognise their feeling, understand their problem and cope with different situation. Communication is very important. By using SOLER technique. Also be familiar with different culture and background, and respect everybody. . Avoid stereotyping patient. Stereotyping can direct you toward discrimination. (moodle site 2009).Also Remember to be assertive. What I have learnt using this reflective model, is that it has helped me to recognize that my knowledge is somewhat which I have to be proactive in. By writing this essay my reflection skill and my competence has developed. Now I feel more progress in personal and professional skills. Within clinical placement I have experienced how to face with different situation and different patient. Also how communication skills is useful as a professional radiographer to deal with patient and their families. In the future communicate clearly and with greater confidence. Show empathy to patient in appropriate way. Respect all in any age, any culture and any background. Nervous, hesitant, anxious, exited, that was me on my first week of placement, but now something different and in the future more professional.

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Exposing American Myths Today Essays -- essays research papers

The United States of America has been blessed with the grace with God, it is the land of spacious skies, amber waves of grain, endless possibilities, and freedom for all. It is superior to all other nations and when faced with moral dilemmas. It is firmly believed by citizens that God sides with them. Though these are the ideals and the purposes of which the United States was founded, they are still myths and legends that are not necessarily truthful today. They were partially created by facts but mostly by the government and the people. Myths are dreams that take one from reality and place them in a comfort zone that feels much more at ease than dealing with what is reality and truth. There are so many myths that are meant to placate the frazzled American who is just looking for some reassurance from what is stressfully everyday life. However, some myths can be offensive and overlooked as many are not recognized as being false at first glance. Some assumptions of certain cultural gr oups, religious affiliations, political parties, and many others face the abuse daily. Since myths in the United States are often misperceived, the way society sees myths is bias. They can be seen as delusions of the ways people are to distinguish between what is reality and what is not. Myths in the United States began when the first pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock, it is unlikely they knew the importance of what they had begun but they knew the principles on which they had founded the new land with the notion that they were now able to begin the second journey of their lives free from British persecution and hardship. A common myth one will find about the new settlers and the Native Americans that resided there can be found in an ordinary kind... myth bold enough to state that bliss has ever resolved anything. Works Cited Churchill, Ward. â€Å"Crimes Against Humanity.† The Presence of Others. Eds. Andrea Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz. Boston: Bedford, 2005. 536-543. Douglass, Frederick. â€Å"What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?† The Presence of Others. Eds. Andrea Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz. Boston: Bedford, 2005. 522-533. Jefferson, Thomas. â€Å"Declaration of Independence.† The Presence of Others. Eds. Andrea Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz. Boston: Bedford, 2005. 517-520. Shindle, Kate. â€Å"Miss America: More Than a Beauty Queen?† The Presence of Others. Eds. Andrea Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz. Boston: Bedford, 2005. 563-566. Postman, Neil. â€Å"The Great Symbol Drain.† The Presence of Others. Eds.Andrea Lunsford and John J. Ruszkiewicz. Boston: Bedford. 2005. 546-555.

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Building the Starbucks Brand So far, Starbucks has spent very little money on advertising, preferring instead to build the brand cup by cup with customers and depend on word-of-mouth and the appeal of its storefronts. The company was, however, engaged in a growing effort to extend the Starbucks brand and penetrate new markets. In addition to expanding internationally, venturing into ice cream with Dreyer's and into Frappuccino with Pepsi, partnering with licensees, and developing specialty and mail-order sales. STARBUCKS MISSION â€Å"To inspire and nurture the human spirit— one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time. EXPERIENCE is about these 3 P’s: 1. People- the baristas and their connection with customers. 2. Place – the physical stores, their design and aroma 3. Product – the beverages, food, and merchandise 4. Price – 5. Promotion – 6. Physical Evidence – 7. Process – †¢(People & Product) Customer connectio n and a fresh, hand-made beverage. The newer automatic machines that replaced the La Marzoccos are faster, but blocked the visual sight line the customer previously had to watch the drink being made, and for the intimate experience with the barista. It seems that the personal connection between the baristas and the customers is the core of their experience. †¢(Place) The Aroma. â€Å"†¦ The loss of our people scooping fresh coffee from the bins and grinding it fresh in front of the customer, †¦Ã¢â‚¬  Some say the sale of hot food has detracted from the coffee aroma that customers attach to Starbucks stores. †¢(Place) Store Design. Design of their stores has taken on a more streamlined feel to gain efficiencies. But that resulted in the stores losing their charm and uniqueness. Starbucks has â€Å"stores that no longer have the soul of the past and reflect a chain of stores vs. he warm feeling of a neighborhood store. Some people even call the stores sterile, c ookie cutter, no longer reflecting the passion their partners feel about our coffee. † †¢(Product) Coffee related merchandise. As a purveyor of fine coffee and tea, Starbucks has struggled as of late to get their merchandise to reflect their brand and their history. â€Å"Some stores don’t have coffee grinders, French presses from Bodum, or even coffee filters. † A more focused approach would be: (a)Participating in social media and (b) Gathering customer suggestions would be easier for a company with no meaningful social media experience to manage. It would also make it easier for Starbucks customers to follow-along. The current MyStarbucksIdea website is already unwieldy — lots of wayward ideas have been suggested and many of the ideas suggested are repeated numerous times in various categories. This website will only get more unwieldy. Points of difference: 1. Starbucks provides its customers with a Starbucks Card through which they can have an easy and fast access to the menu items and discounts. These cards are customizable and can be designed by the customers themselves as per their likings. 2. Starbucks follows an environment friendly drive in which every time a customer brings a reusable travel mug gets a 10 cent discount on any Starbucks beverage, anytime. Starbucks passion for reducing cup waste did not start with the Green Project. Since 1985, they have offered a discount to customers who bring in a reusable travel mug and will continue doing so. This is just one of the ways they are fulfilling their commitment to environmental stewardship while working towards a long-term goal of 100% reusable or recyclable cups by 2015. 3. It also offers its customers with various coffee and tea gifts. Customers can register and participate in a 3 months program in which they are sent special exotic flavors of coffee from around the world. BARISTA As of today, Barista exists in over 22 cities, and operates over 140 outlets nationally. In the last 2 years, Barista has opened over 100 outlets in the country and with a new outlet opening nationally every 14 dates, Barista is currently experiencing phenomenal growth. With outlets opening in Sri Lanka and Dubai, Barista is looking at potential growth opportunities in Asia, making it highly competitive international brand. Product Source: Barista sources its coffee beans from around the world, but a major supplier is TATA Coffee, part of the TATA Group that owns a large stake holding in Barista. These coffee beans are then sent to Venice, Italy where they are roasted into a blend exclusively for Barista. The food and desserts at Barista is exclusively catered to by the Taj, who ensures a high standard of quality with all its products. Barista also sells merchandise through its store, all of which is imported. The merchandise accounts for nearly 1/6th of Barista’s overall sales. Barista has a check on the quality of its products every 14 days. Barista also incorporates TQM at its headquarters in Delhi. Since Delhi is the base for all its distribution, quality control measures are adopted there to avoid any poor quality products being distributed. Pricing: Barista has a ‘Skim Pricing Policy’. They began with a higher price, and skimmed the cream for the market. With the sudden spurt of growth in number of outlets, came the benefits of economies of scale. Because of this, they have been able to gradually lower their prices, and appeal to different segments of their target market. Currently, their prices are the lowest they have ever been, and they can competitively match their prices against Cafe Coffee Day’s prices. The prices are constantly changing though, and the last 1-year has seen 3 changes (mostly reductions) in prices. This gradual price reduction meant that Barista could maintain its profit- maximization policy until it could earn large cost savings because of the benefits of high volume. The main factors that affect their pricing are their cost of goods sold. The costs are quite high because imports a majority of its products and product- sources. ? Process: The order and delivery process at Barista is based on self-service, where a customer goes up to the counter to place his order, and goes back to the counter to pick his delivery once it is prepared. Brand Image: Barista positions itself as a brand for anyone who loves coffee. Their products, services and outlets are more like the traditional European cafes, where people would meet for the love of coffee, and for an intellectual appealing time. They position their outlets as a place â€Å"where the world meets†, and they look to appeal to anyone in the 14- 60 age group that loves good coffee and looks for a nice quiet time. Products: Barista’s product mix constitutes a wide range of products that appeal primarily to traditional coffee lovers. Their products themselves are traditional products with traditional names. Food items like croissant, pastas, and sandwiches are complimentary to their coffee, and project a very classic image of Barista. Their merchandising also consists of primarily coffee related products like coffee beans, coffee machines, etc. Prices: Considering that Barista is trying to target a market whose age range is between 18 and 60 years, a pricing policy appealing to this segment is difficult. Extremely low prices act as a deterrent to some customers who might regard it as an indicator or quality, while very high prices cannot be afforded by most of the youth. But since Barista’s current consumer profile is quite young, their prices are mostly inexpensive, and at par with their competitors. People: The people at Barista are characteristically trained to be Pleasant, Polite and Positive. They ensure you have a quiet, uninterrupted visit and provide an escape from the daily pressures of life. Their uniforms are in sober shades of brown and orange, and contribute to the overall laid-back feeling of the cafe. Physical Evidence: Logo, Colors, Images: Barista, since the beginning has looked to use colors in its cafe interiors, logos and images; to project a â€Å"warm, earth glow, synonymous with coffee†. Barista uses shades of Orange & Brown to good effect to promote its â€Å"laid- back† atmosphere. The logo is a combination of Brown, Orange and Light Yell ow; with the word â€Å"Barista† written in an upward curve, and the word â€Å"Coffee† underneath. A simple logo that perfectly expresses Barista’s brand image, A traditional cafe for coffee lovers. Decor and Architecture: Barista’s internal decor and architecture expresses the simplicity you would normally associate with traditional cafes. The furniture is made of light shades of wood, and there are comfortable sofas in bigger cafes. The walls are shades of orange, with various photographs of the love for coffee spread around each outlet. Literature: The literature provided by Barista is indicative of its brand image. The menus, posters, pamphlets are all traditionally designed, with a classic and simple look. One aspect of particular note is their magazine, which is privately circulated in the cafes. The magazine encourages customers write, draw, make etc anything creative; and this is then published in the magazine. The magazine not only provides an avenue for advertising, but also an opportunity for Barista to express its brand image. ? Place: Barista looks to cater to their target market with strategically located outlets. Their outlets are generally located at High Street/ Family Entertainment Centers. Considering their generic appeal, there are Barista outlets in and around Malls, Cinemas, Colleges, and Offices etc. his endorses their brand image of a cafe that appeals to coffee lovers of all ages. Promotions: Barista currently carries out mass promotion campaigns. This is mainly in the form of promotions in the Press, TV and Radio Medias. At present, they do not rely heavily on advertising, but rely more on sponsorships and strategic alliances with other corporations. Barista also takes part in various sales promotion activities to help increase sales at their outlets. a) S ponsorships: Barista sponsors various events and festivals, which provides them valuable promotion directed at strategic markets. The sponsorships are mainly in kind, although major events are sponsored in cash also. b) Sales Promotion: Barista uses a special â€Å"Barista Coffee Card† for its sales promotion activities. Barista Coffee Card entitles you to one complimentary hot beverage when you are done sipping seven. It is available to all Barista coffee regulars. No membership fees, no references required. Fill out the card and you are a member. As a Coffee Card holder, you earn one stamp on the card every time you purchase a beverage. Simply present the card to the cashier when you place your order at any of their outlets. Once you have collected seven stamps, you can hand over the card to receive your complimentary hot beverage. Barista hopes this card can help drive sales growth, and increase customer retention. COSTA COFFEE When you walk into a Costa store you'll notice it's different to other coffee shops. First of all, there's the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Then the great range of authentic coffee drinks. Next the Ferrari of coffee machines. And finally, the most passionate and well trained baristas around. It's this unique combination that makes them stand out from the others. Costa believes that Hand-making a cup of coffee is an art. It takes time and skill to perfect. That's why every single barista, in every single Costa store is professionally trained in the art of coffee by experts. It's a little thing, but it makes a big difference, because it means you'll get a perfect cup of Costa coffee every time. †¢Costa Coffee has overtaken Starbucks as the leading coffee chain in the UK †¢The company has reported strong sales due to aggressive expansion †¢Costa now has more UK stores than Starbucks †¢Costa aims to double store numbers by 2013 Costa is to boost its UK growth through tie-ins with retailers and grocery stores †¢The company is planning an aggressive global expansion strategy, focused on under-represented countries †¢The company is expanding its India-located stores, aiming to make the country its third largest in terms of store numbers †¢Costa trains its coffee roasters at a special academy, highlighting its aims to create a premium coffee drinking experience †¢The company markets its traditional roasting methods as a key point of difference †¢The company has addressed ethical consumer concerns through new coffee sources and a coffee foundation †¢Costa is set to become the first major coffee chain to source its coffee through the Rainforest Alliance ? CCD CAFE COFFEE DAY VALUES- PRISM PRIDE – I take pride in my work and in my organization. RESPECT – I respect my customers, my subordinates, my peers and my superiors. INTEGRITY – I will show the highest level of integrity towards my work and my company under all circumstances. SELF – DISCIPLINE – I will imbibe and practice self-discipline in all my daily activities. MOTIVATION – I will always be motivated to give the best for my organization, my team and my customers. ? MISSION STATEMENT INTRODUCTION Coffee Day sources coffee from 5000 acres of coffee estates, the 2nd largest in Asia, that is owned by a sister concern and from 11,000 small growers. It is one of India’s leading coffee exporters with clients across USA, Europe & Japan. With its roots in the golden soil of Chickmaglur, the home of some of the best Indian Coffees and with the vision of a true entrepreneur nurturing it, Coffee Day has its business spanning the entire value chain of coffee consumption in India. Its different divisions include: Coffee Day Fresh n Ground (which owns 350 Coffee bean and powder retail outlets), Coffee Day Xpress (which owns 251 Coffee Day Kiosk), Coffee Day Take away (which owns 7000 Vending Machines), Coffee Day Exports and Coffee Day Perfect (FMCG Packaged Coffee) division. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) pioneered the cafe concept in India in 1996 by opening its first cafe at Brigade Road in Bangalore. Till about the late 1990’s coffee drinking in India was restricted to the intellectual, the South Indian traditionalist and the five star coffee shop visitor. As the pure (as opposed to instant coffee) coffee cafe culture in neighbouring international markets grew, the need for a relaxed and fun â€Å"hangout† for the emerging urban youth in the country was clearly seen. Recognizing the potential that lay ahead on the horizon, Cafe Coffee Day embarked on a dynamic journey to become a large organized retail cafe chain with a distinct brand identity of its own. From a handful of cafes in six cites in the first 5 years, CCD has become India’s largest and premier retail chain of cafes with 251 cafes in 58 cities around the country. Cafe Coffee Day introduced the cafe culture in India with its first cafe at Brigade Road in Bangalore in 1996. There has been no looking back for their company from then till now, in fact they have grown from strength to strength. Cafe Coffee day is the regular meeting place for 18 to 35 year olds, both male and female, who are waited on by friendly and informed staff, and are offered the best made, hot or cold , in an invigorating ambience. They provide invigorating ambience and excellent customer service clubbed with excellent coffee to their customers. About the Logo For a brand to stand out and be successful there has to be a personal commitment from staff at all levels. The target customers must identify with it. It should be vibrant and have a â€Å"life† of its own. Liveliness, growth, fun and passion depicts the brand, the customers, the staff and the future– this is embodied in this design and colour. Cafe Coffee Day, has unveiled its strategy to strengthen its leadership position with an all new brand identity that syncs with its vision to be the friendly and stylish social hub. Developed from in-depth dialogue with customers, coffee lovers and stakeholders, the new change entails an all new smart menu, changes in furniture design and placement, new uniforms, new cutlery and total cafe rebranding. The famous Cafe Coffee Day squared logo in its fresh new avatar – a ‘Dialogue Box’ – with the words Cafe Coffee Day written in a distinct, specially created font. The new trendy dialogue logo symbolizes the essence of what a Cafe Coffee Day cafe is all really all about – a perfect place to ‘relax and dialogue’. And as we all know, a lot does happen over coffee! ? BUSINESS ASSOCIATION CCD has emerged as an interactive alternative media for brands to communicate with the ‘young at heart’. Other media, such as electronic, print and outdoor, offer brand communication through visual and audio modes to a large section of the populace, both relevant and irrelevant. Cafe Coffee Day offers a much more interactive, targeted communication, sometimes adding even a taste dimension to a brand idea! Various in-cafe collaterals used to impart visibility to a brand inside a cafe or to add the element of interactivity to a campaign are Posters, Tent Cards, Danglers, Leaflets, Brochures, Coasters, Drop boxes, Contest Forms, Stirrers, Standees etc. Over the years, CCD has successfully promoted a number of brands/products/events through various innovative tactics and promo ideas. Cashing in on its mass captive audience. ? DEPARTMENTS AT CAFE COFFEE DAY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: The team decides upon a suitable site where the cafes can be set up. They identify, shortlist, and finalize a site by negotiating with property owners. A significant effort is involved in getting legal clearances and statutory compliances. After all formalities are completed, the site is handed over to the projects team. The projects team comprises of some of the best designers who ensure that the coffee culture is spread across the country through beautiful outlets, They are in touch with a lot of property owners who are interested in franchising and licensing CCD. They normally take up places on long lease. All new cafes are built with a standardized design and the look of the cafe is in sync with the brand positioning. They aim to build cafes in the shortest possible time, at the least possible costs to capital outlay. OPERATIONS: This team achieves their sales objectives and is responsible for the daily running of their cafes in a profitable manner. Customer interaction is very important for this team, as they are the ones who interface with the customer and provide them with a satisfactory service and product experience. Cafe managers train all their employees who are involved in day-to-day operations. The cafe staff is their brand ambassador. The brand image of cafe coffee day is and will be reflected through them by the way they dress, behave and carry themselves , both within the organization and outside. They are the face of the company since they will be the first point of interaction with the customer. FOOD AND BEVERAGES (F & B): CCD are a lot more than coffee. Apart from serving the best coffee in the country they also serve a wide assortment of savories and desserts. The various coffee concoctions that they serve are the creations of their F&B team. They also ensure the highest level of hygiene and food quality. They impart training to the team on the preparation of the best quality of coffees and food at their cafes. The F&B team sources and manages vendors who supply food to the cafes. †¢Quality checks Quality checks take place all the time and in several aspects. The operational in-charge will go around checking business, record keeping, service and check the feedback forms. The food in-charge will look at the way food is being stored, coffee is being made, what is the time take to extract the coffee and so on. Marketing person will go about checking displays, how the merchandise are displayed. MARKETING: The marketing team is responsible for the brand positioning and all brand building activities that result in increased sales and greater visibility. They are also responsible for the various sales promotion activities and tie-ups. This team designs and manages the merchandise category, which is displayed and sold at their cafes. They constantly track loyalty programs and promotions at the cafes to help maximize sales. HUMAN RESOURCE AND TRAINING: The HR team deals with all matters pertaining to people within their team. They are responsible for recruitment and selection at all levels from team members to the management staff. They are responsible for employee salaries, career development and counseling. Constant efforts are made for employee up gradation in terms of improving skills and job satisfaction to meet the aspirations of all employees. FINANCE / ACCOUNTS: They look after the day to day accounting and financial activities and also provide them with the financial reports, which will help them, find out the profitability of the outlet. They help them reduce the costs and ensure compliance and fiscal discipline at the cafes. ? QUESTIONNAIRE Name: Age: Occupation: Gender: Question 1: Name any three Cafe Chains that you know. 1. ________________________ 2. ________________________ 3. ________________________ Question 2: How often do you visit a Coffee Shop? ?2-3 times a week ?Once a week ?Once a Month ?Very Rarely Question 3: How much money do you spend on an average visit to a Coffee Shop? ?Less than Rs. 70 ?Rs. 70-120 ?Rs. 120-150 ?Greater than Rs. 150 Question 4: How much time do you spend at a Coffee Shop? ?Less than ? hours to 1 hour ?1 to 2 hours ?Greater than 2 hours Question 5: Why do you go to a Coffee shop? ?Only for the Coffee ?To enjoy and have a Fun filled time To catch up with friends ?For group activities ?Specify if any Other:____________________________ Question 6: What do you look for when you choose a Coffee Shop to go to? ?Convenience ?Ambience ?Service ?Quality of Food ?Price Question 7: What factors according to you are applicable in case of Cafe Coffee Day? ?Convenience ?Ambience ?Ser vice ?Quality of Food ?Price Question 8: Mark the Cafe brands known to you. ?Cafe Coffee Day ?Costa Coffee ?Starbucks ?Barista ?Beans And Brews Question 9: Rank the factors in order of your preference for the following Brands. COSTA COFFEESTARBUCKSBARISTA CONVENIENCE / ACCESSIBILITY AMBIENCE SERVICE QUALITY OF FOOD PRICE

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Creators Faults in the Creation essays

Creators Faults in the Creation essays The Creator's Faults in the Creation Often the actions of children are reflective of the attitudes of those who raise them. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Dr. Victor Frankenstein is the sole being that can take responsibility for the actions of the creature that he creates. He is the only person that takes part in the creation of the creature. Even though the crimes are committed by the creature, their cause can be traced back to the creator. Many of Frankenstein's faults are evident in the appearance of his creation. It is described as having yellow skin... watery eyes... dun-white sockets... shrivelled complexion and straight black lips (Shelly 35). Frankenstein, having chosen the parts for his creature, is the only person to blame for its appearance. Clearly it is Frankenstein's lack of foresight in the creation process that causes Frankenstein to say, breathless horror and disgust filled my heart" (Shelly 35), because he had selected his features as beautiful (Shelly 35). Even though Frankenstein had a originally thought the individual parts where beautiful, when combined, they became hideous. He overlooks the seemingly obvious fact that ugliness is the natural result when something is made from parts of different corpses. Another physical aspect of the monster which shows a fault in Frankenstein is its immense size. The reason that Frankenstein gives for creating so large a creature is his own haste. He states, " As the minuteness of the parts formed a great hindrance to my speed, I resolved, contrary to my first intention, to make a being gigantic in stature..." (Shelly 32). Frankenstein is not only under pressure to complete his project in a timely manner, but he is also obsessed with the fact that he will be the only person ever to have created a living thing. Frankenstein states, "A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe the...

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50 Out of This World Space Activities

50 Out of This World Space Activities Send your elementary school class over the moon with these  space activities. Here is a list of space-related resources to help blast your students imaginations into outer space: Space Activities The Smithsonian Education site provides a general introduction to the universe.View the atmosphere through Google Earth.NASA offers teachers grades K-6 a variety of space-related activities.View astronomy photographs and browse interactive activities at the HubbleSite.View a space grocery list and have students create their own version.Learn how to construct a space station.Get active and learn how to train like an astronaut.Create a space shuttle scavenger hunt.Write a biography about a former astronomer.Research about extraterrestrial intelligence and have students debate whether other life forms even exist.Read the Top 10 Reasons for Going into Space and have students write a top 10 essay about what they learned about space.Learn about space-related events coming up on the space calendar.View the shuttle countdown site where you can learn how the countdown operates and view live coverage.Get a 3D look of the solar system.Create a timeline of space firsts.Build an air-powered bottl e rocket. Build an edible space shuttle out of peanut butter, celery, and bread.Give an astronomy and/or space quiz.Watch NASA TV.Learn about NASA Acronyms.Read nonfiction space books about NASA space exploration, and the history.Browse pictures of animals in space.Watch age appropriate movies about space.Compare women astronauts with men astronauts.Learn how astronauts go to the bathroom in space (students will sure get a kick out of this one).Watch Apollo videos and have students create a KWL chart.Have students complete an activity book about space.Build a bubbled power rocket.Build a moon habitat.Make moon cookies.Launch a rocket from a spinning planet.Make asteroids students can eat.Place space toys and materials in your learning center for hands-on fun.Go on a field trip to a place like the US Space and Rocket Center.Write a letter to a space scientist asking him space-related questions.Compare Yuri Gagarins space mission with that of Alan Shepard.View the first photograph from space.Vie w a timeline of the first mission to space. View an interactive expedition of the first mission to space.View an interactive recreation of the Apollo space shuttle.Explore a journey into space with this Scholastic interactive game.View solar system trading cards.Make a comet with dry ice, garbage bags, hammer, gloves, ice-cream sticks, sand or dirt, ammonia, and corn syrup.Have students design and build their own spaceship.Print out this space quiz and test your students knowledge.Brainstorm what living on the moon would be like. Have students design and build their own colony.Find out when a spacecraft will be flying over your city.Find out what it took to have a man be able to walk on the moon.Learn about gravity and the fundamentalists of physics.A kids website dedicated to teaching students about the wonders of space. Additional Space Resources For further information on space choose a few of these kid-friendly websites to visit: Astronomy for Kids:  Learn about the moon, planets, asteroids, and comets through interactive games and activities.Space Kids:  View videos, experiments, projects, and more.NASA Kids Club:  Space-related fun and games for kids.ESA Kids:  Interactive site to learn about the universe and life in space.Cosmos 4 Kids:  Astronomy basics and science of the stars.

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No Child Left Behind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

No Child Left Behind - Essay Example According to the research findings Wang and Fahey do not propose any particular questions but write that their research project had to examine the â€Å"growth patterns of parent volunteerism by national region, metropolitan status, gender, ethnicity, and immigrant status†. Later in their article, Wang and Fahey specify that their main hypothesis is that parents living in regions with strong civic traditions are more likely to volunteer than those living in large metropolitan areas. Wang and Fahey hypothesized that, in metropolitan communities, the lack of the sense of closeness failed to encourage parents to participate in their children’s learning, whereas parents in nonmetropolitan communities would be guided by the sense of cohesion and display stronger intentions to participate. There is no explicit conceptual framework for parental volunteerism and its implications for education. However, Wang and Fahey build on previous studies and use the results of their litera ture review to create a complex conceptual image of parental volunteerism and the factors affecting it. As such, Wang and Fahey link the concept of parental volunteerism to region and metropolitan status, gender, ethnicity, and immigrant status. Since parental volunteerism is not a theoretical but practical construct, no connections between the authors’ empirical observations and real-world settings have been provided. The analysis of previous findings makes it easier for the reader to develop theoretical-empirical links based on the study results. That Wang and Fahey (2010) provide a detailed discussion of the dependent and independent variables is one of the strongest sides of their research. In this study, the dependent variable was Volunteer, whereas independent variables included the time trend (Year 2002, Year 2004, and Year 2006), the regional status trend, gender, race/ethnicity and citizenship (Wang & Fahey, 2010). The notion of trends is extremely vague, and it is r ather difficult for the reader to develop and understand strong connections between the dependent and independent variables. Unfortunately, the researchers do not explain the meaning of these dependent variables, nor do they provide any detailed explanation of the components that make up these trends. Consequentially, tracing the process and progress of the statistical analysis is rather problematic, although the research design and procedure fit in the purpose and conditions of the discussed study. Wang and Fahey (2010) used the benefits of cross-sectional study design and relied on quantitative methods of data analysis. Statistical analyses were performed with the help of SAS 9.2. The benefits of statistical analyses cannot be overstated, as they ensure greater precision and accuracy of study results. The choice of logistic regressions was justified by the need to find and explain correlations among independent and dependent variables. In this sense, the statistical procedure is c onsistent with the goal and expected outcomes of the discussed research. Nevertheless, the choice of statistical methods raises the question of the applicability and practicality of the study findings and their implications for understanding the major education processes under the influence of NCLB. Wang and Fahey (2010) claim, that they collected their data from the Current

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Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 7

Report - Essay Example The company has performed admirably well, but they are yet to unlock the exponential potential lying in the social media marketing. This may be the only thing left for the company to claim its position as the best sneakers distributor. The use of Social media for marketing enables a business to engage their customers in the platform where they naturally spend most of their time. Identification of the social media platforms to use is the first step to high rewards from the sector. Animations and funny videos, when linked to the Facebook or Twitter pages, are the surest way to keep Facebook and Twitter youthful followers engaged and in the process, they gain more interests in the company’s profile. LinkedIn pages are also another social media feature that the company should have. These pages are important to get more branding for a business and an excellent platform to reach the target market on the network. This paper details how the Sneakers Seekers marketing team could employ an effective application of the social media approaches to increase sales by engaging more youths. Introduction Sneakers Seekers is one of the newest sneakers companies in the United States. The company has its headquarters at North Miami Beach, Florida 33179. Stoyan Doynov, who is its current CEO and president, started the company in 2008. Stoyan who says he started the company out of his passion for sneakers describes himself as â€Å"Sneakerhead† (Doynov, n.d.). Getting into a market with heavyweights such as Nike, Addidas, Jordan, Asics, Converse, Ewing, Fila, New Balance, Reebok, Vansvans and other must have been a very bold step for Doynov. The success that Sneaker Seekers has achieved is enough proof that will and desire can achieve milestones even where the ‘terrain is tough.’ The company specializes in sneakers and athletic footwear offering some 'hard-to-?nd' sneakers and shoes and has a permanent promise of a wide variety brand name sneakers as well a s athletic shoes at lowest prices. Since its entry into the market, Sneakers Seekers has shown unprecedented growth. Only two year after the company opened, it moved into online marketing to open stores. By and by online marketing became the main marketing platform for the company. Doynov says that their beginning was a humble one, selling products on EBay (PRWeb, 2013). This was during the Great Recession. The company now has its own website and is authorized to sell numerous brands, which Doynov says they add to every month. (PRWeb, 2013). To sell more, the company focuses on fashion and offer exquisite products. They offer the most popular brands of sneakers on the market as well as fashion oriented sneakers ranging from Radii Footwear, Blackstone, Gola and Victoria. The most significant development came when the company moved most of its overstock inventory to FBA (PRWeb, 2013). Doynov says that this move enabled the company to operate with fewer employees, ca rry, more inventory, and achieve greater Amazon fulfilled velocity on its items as its listings. Amazon provided Sneaker Seekers an Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment (AutoMCF) through which it could sell on Sears, Rakuten Shopping and Newegg as well (PRWeb, 2013) thereby reaching more potential customers. They were