Saturday, June 8, 2019

Communication Between Men and Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Communication Between Men and Wo manpower - Essay ExampleTannen, in her book entitled You Just Dont hear, argues that even if boys and girls are brought up in the same house, on the same block or in the same locality, they grow up in divergent words or worlds.These communication differences between the two sexes begin at very early stage. According to her, these sex differences in ways of communicating are apparent(a) even in three-year-old children, about the time when language is developed. While they want to get their way, both girls and boys use language differently to do so. She explains that magic spell little boys whistle to boast, little girls often talk to be liked. Little boys make demands little girls make requests. Little boys prolong conflict little girls call to build harmony. Little boys talk directly little girls talk more indirectly. Additionally, while little boys use more actions, little girls talk more with words (Kelley, 2010).Recently, there has been the study of men and womens communication styles scientifically and researchers as well as linguists have documented the apparent distinctions that characterize gender communication. Tannen, a well-respected linguistics scholar and professor who has carried out research and written books regarding gender communication, asserts that women and men express themselves differently and for different reasons. These differences in communication are evident during opposite gender and same gender conversation, during one-on-one and small group communications.Women and men express gender communication distinctions in style, structure and content. Women often talk about feelings, relationships and people while men most often discuss money, sports and business. Women most often express themselves/talk to connect, to understand and to support while men often talk for competition, to resolve or fix problems. While talking, women are more

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