Sunday, June 9, 2019

E-Business and E-Commerce Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

E-Business and E-Commerce Management - Case Study ExampleIntegrating e-bay and amazon deliverables in that process would be an effective mode of solving the current experienced issues. E-business and e-commerce solution to the problems appear to the society is likely to reform and revolutionize the market share of the company. The main whim is to enhance competition that places the company at better position businesswise compared to its rivals (Chaffey, 2006, pg. 443). The clientele base is an important apt(p) business. Reaching out to the assumed customer in line with offering the demanded products in the market is a positive move towards achieving the companys goals and objectives. It is important that the company identifies its market share as well(p) as its potential for growth. A business regards to expand and therefore grow over time, allowing for a diversified and dynamic portfolio. The above-identified deliverables have the potential to pass on the desired result for t he company. Deliverables An e-bay and Amazon will be the driving forces in the achievement of the desired results. The two have identifiable advantages and disadvantages. The usability of the two, however, is not likely to caseful any challenge as the targeted market is well aware of the website marketing and sale. The idea is to reach out to the target market and diversify on the companys portfolio given the existing and currently launched products. Amazon and e-bay are popular sites of business and embracing innovativeness and creativity in meeting market demand would require that the two deliverables be employed. A detailed description of the solution Discount Heating and Plumbing Supplies has embraced the fact that the market share has stagnated, providing low opportunities for growth and development. In this regard, revenue generation has been falling over time leading to low-income generation and low levels of profitability. As such, the main concern here is to improve the si tuation given this scenario, based on the above-identified solution to the problem. The effectiveness of the process will be determined by a number of factors. These include but not particular(a) to the companys short term and long term plans, goals and objectives in conducting business, product diversification, expansion, growth, and development of the company, expected future trends and pricing strategies of the company. Marketing is an essential legal document for the achievement of the desired results. In this case, identified problems need to be solved. Whatever the process adopted, the company has to move forward. The market share stagnation identified need to be reversed or turned around. Incorporating marketing mix into the e-business and commerce measures presented above will ensure a smooth run of activities in hunting of the desired results. Building the customer base and further making it dynamic and diverse can be achieved through this process. Over and above this, t he e-business and commerce strategy for the company will not only ensure a diversified and a dynamic market share but also provide an fortune for growth and development through increased revenue, income and profitability.

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